Rates are $7.00 per hour for infants, toddlers and preschoolers and there is a minimum requirement of eight hours per day and three days per week.

         Extra-time, Drop-in and After-school rates are $9.60 per hour. 

         If you do not have a previously agreed upon minimum schedule,

         or if you are requesting extra time beyond your minimum schedule, then Drop-in rates apply.


         What is your minimum schedule?  This is the schedule and minimum fees you will be required to keep and pay for except when Winifred’s  is closed for holidays,

         vacations, or illness.  Your minimum schedule should include all your time from arrival to pick-up times.  The time you must be at work is not the same

         as your drop off time and the time you leave work is not the same as your pick-up time.  Please allow adequate time from drop-off time to get to your job on time in

         your schedule and the same goes for when you finish work to when you arrive at Winifred’s for pick-up.

         Your minimum schedule also reflects the three days per week requirement.  Rates agreed upon are dependent upon the three days per week minimum

         attendance requirement.  If you would like to drop a day or two and continue to stay enrolled in the rest of your days, then your daily rate for the rest of the days

         will be increased to completely cover the dropped days.  When a full time child is available to replace the days you drop, you may lose all your days if not enrolled in

         and attending the required three days per week.

         You may make reservations on a drop-in basis ($9.60 per hour) for more time as needed.  No refunds for unused time will be given. 

         If there is an opening available, one day may be exchanged for another only during the same week, but the higher drop-in rate will apply.

         The only time a fee will be reimbursed is if your child is requested to immediately leave the program. 

         In this case, any payment for future days will be returned within 10 days.

         A two week deposit is required for your minimum schedule.  This deposit will be 100% refunded when your child is withdrawn from Winifred’s with the proper two

         week (14 full days) WRITTEN notice.  The deposit will be 100% forfeited when no written notice or late notice is given.


        There is also a $50 non-refundable registration fee.        


        Full rates will be charged for holidays or vacation time taken when Winifred’s is not closed.


        Meal Rates:  Breakfast, $1.00/day; Lunch, $2.00/day; Dinner, $2.00/day; Snacks, $.75/snack (usually two per day).  Meal rates apply if your child is not enrolled in the

        Kid’s Nutrition Food Program or if your child is in care for more than the three snacks or meals covered each day by the Kid’s Nutrition Food Program.  All regularly

        enrolled children must also be enrolled in the Food Program.  Short term drop-in children may bring their own food, but the meals brought must conform to the

        Food Program snack and meal requirements.


        Other Charges: There will be charges for supplies which parents forget to bring.  Wet wipes will be $0.50 per day and diapers will be $0.50 each.


        We do not take field trips, so there are no special fees for this.  If the opportunity presents itself for a special in home activity (such as a Computer for Young

        Children class), you will be charged an additional fee for the class if it is required.


        Early Arrival and Late Departure Fees and Policies:  If you wish to arrive early, you should first call Jennie the night before to see if this is possible.

        Drop-in rates will be charged for the extra time.  If you wish to stay past your reservation time or the time you thought appropriate at the time you

        dropped off your child, then you should call first to see if this is possible.  If you do not call or it is not possible to extend your hours and you are late

        then late fees will be charged.  Late fees are per child and $1 per each minute that you are late.  The first couple of minutes are at my discretion. 

        This is necessary in order to try to prevent there being too many children at Winifred’s at any one time and so that Jennie can plan appointments and

        daily routines for herself and for her family. 

        Late fees are due when you pick-up your child as are any other unpaid fees. 

        Consistent lateness at pick up time or unpaid or late fees will be cause to ask you to withdraw your child from Winifred’s.                


        If your child has not been picked up within 20 minutes after Wini’s closes, and I have not heard from you, I will begin to contact the emergency contacts on your

        enrollment form.  If no one can be located within 30 minutes of closure, I will contact local authorities and/or Social Services to pick up your child.


        In the event you are unable to pick your child up on time, I will serve your child dinner.  You will be charged extra for dinner in addition to your late fees. 

        Your child may have to come with me to my evening events, such as my dance classes.  If you and your emergency contacts cannot be reached by 6:00 pm

        local authorities will be called.

       This home will be open unless the public school district closes for the day and Jennie decides that it is also appropriate for Wini's to be closed.

      If the home closes, payment is still expected for the day or days closed.  In the event that the weather turns bad during the day, please come as

      soon as is safely possible.  Your child will be well cared for until you are able to arrive.       


       To insure your child’s space reservations must be made in advance. 

       Payment for your reservation is due at the time the reservation is made and no refund for unused time will be given.

       For regularly enrolled children, tuition is due in full and in advance either monthly or every two weeks.  There is a $10 / day late payment fee!

       Without a reservation or prearranged minimum schedule, space will be available on a first come first served basis and payment is due when

       the child is brought to Winifred’s.


       Each check, or cash payment, received by Winifred’s will be receipted at the time of a payment.


        Each account (child or set of children) will receive an accurate accounting of monies paid for child care at Winifred’s by March 31, for the previous year’s

        child-care hours (2004 fees paid will be accounted for by March 31, 2005).  This is a courtesy.  If you need it earlier than the end of March and I am able to

        easily provide it I will.  However, it is ultimately your responsibility to keep track of the child care bills and receipts that I provide with each payment for tax purposes.

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