Each time your child attends Winifred’s, you must complete and sign the daily sign-in/sign-out sheet.

       Winifred’s will only release your children to the adults for whom your written authorization has been given and is maintained yearly in your child’s admission record. 

       In an emergency, your child may be released to an adult for whom you have given verbal authorization.  If Jennie or her substitute does not know the adult,

       identification will be required to assure that the adult is authorized to pick up your child.  A parent has the right to pick up their child whether they are listed on

       the enrollment form or not, unless court orders do not allow for this.  I will need to have a copy of any court orders.  If an unauthorized person tries to pick up

       your child and you cannot be contacted for confirmation, 911 will be called. 


       If you or any other person arrives to pick up your child and appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol,

       I will encourage you to let me call someone to come get you.  If you leave with your child, I will call 911 and report you.



       If Jennie is ill, has a family emergency or special event, every effort will be made to find a suitable substitute.  Rarely, a substitute may be unavailable and Winifred’s

       will have to be closed for the day.  In this event, I will let you know by 7am that Wini’s has to be closed.  It is the parent’s responsibility to provide backup care

       on these rare occasions.  In the event of an emergency, I will notify you and you will need to find care on your own.


       ILLNESS POLICIES                 

       Your child’s health is a matter of major importance to all of us.  Upon enrollment, you must file with Winifred’s a health form signed by a physician.  Winifred’s also

       requires that the child have all standard immunizations, a tuberculin clearance, and the annual flu vaccine must be received by October 15th of each year.

       A daily health inspection is given upon each child’s arrival at our home.  The person bringing the child must wait until the inspection is over before leaving the

       premises.  Your child will be sent home if s/he appears to have symptoms of illness during the day.  In such cases, s/he is immediately isolated from the others and a

       parent is contacted to take her/him home. 

       Your child must be picked up within 45 minutes.                

       Keep your child home if:        

       -s/he has a fever or has had one during the previous 48 hours;        

       -s/he has had diarrhea within the last 24 hours;

       -s/he has a cold that is less than four days old;        

       -s/he has a heavy nasal discharge,

       -s/he has untreated (bacterial) or untreatable (viral) pink eye;        

       -s/he has been put on antibiotics and it has been less than 24 hours since the first dose;

       -s/he has a constant cough;        

       -s/he has symptoms of a possible communicable disease.  Please notify Winifred’s at once if the child does have a communicable disease.                 

       S/he may come back if:        

       -her/his cold is over, but: s/he is left with a minor nasal drip and pink eye symptoms are completely gone;        

       -s/he has been exposed to a communicable disease, but Jennie has been notified so that the incubation period can be discussed and it has been determined on what

        dates the child should stay home.



       MEDICATION POLICIES                          

       If your child needs to take any kind of medication, you must have a signed form from you physician which indicates the type of medication, the amount to be given,

       and the times and dates to be given.  The medication must be in its original bottle with the original prescription label on it.  Your physician must also sign a form for

       things such as sun screen, diaper cream, Tylenol, etc.  Jennie or her substitute will sign and fill out a medication administration form when the medicine is given. 

       All medications will be stored inaccessible to children.           

       EMERGENCY PROCEDURES                 

       In case of accidental injury Jennie will make an immediate attempt to contact a parent.  If she cannot reach you, or other persons listed on your signed consent

       form, she will call the child’s physician.  If necessary, she will also call an ambulance or the paramedics.  You will be expected to assume responsibility for any

       resultant expenses.  It is to your child’s benefit that you keep Winifred’s up-to-date on phone numbers, emergency numbers and other pertinent information.                 


       In the event of a natural disaster such as a flood, snowstorm or fire or any other kind of disaster, we will stay at Winifred’s unless required to evacuate.  If we are

       required to evacuate, we will go in Jennie’s car or by bus to the transportation station in Frisco behind Safeway.  Jennie will take her emergency information for

       each child and attempt to notify parents by cell phone.  Plan on meeting us at the transportation station if you cannot be contacted.  If any changes occur,

       Jennie will also notify the police as to where she is with the children.

       For emergencies that require that we take shelter in the home, I have emergency supplies such as food, water and flashlights available. 


       Jennie is required by Colorado state law to report any suspected child abuse to the proper authorities.  Parents may also report any suspected child abuse to the

       Summit County Department of Social Services Child Care Licensing specialist at 970 668 9160.  Complaints about a family child care home can be made to

       The Division of Child Care at 303 866 3755 or 1 800 799 5876, 1575 Sherman Street, Denver CO 80203. 

       The official Rules Regulating Family Child Care Home can be obtained at the Division of child Care, 1575 Sherman Street, Denver CO 80203, or at or htts:// .


        Jennie does not feel that it is her place to physically discipline children of this age range.  When a child is being hurtful to another, she simply removes her/him from

        the situation, offering a gentle “That hurts Joey,” and redirecting the child’s energy.  Older children are given choices that clearly explain the consequences of

        their actions.  Time outs, in the traditional sense, are not used, but the child may have a quiet time away from activity so that I can explain to him or her why their

        behavior was unacceptable.  Children may be encouraged to leave an activity or group that is contributing to the behavior that is not wanted.  I try and catch

        children doing something “right” and to celebrate their good choices.

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