Winifred's curriculum is based upon the ideas of

NAEYC's Developmentally Appropriate Practice ,


the basic goals and structure developed in

The Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood,

The Expanding Quality in Infant Toddler Care Initiative


Maria Montessori's Peace Curriculum .

"A teacher, who thinks that she could prepare herself for her mission through study alone, would be mistaken. 

The first thing required of a teacher is that she be rightly disposed for her task." 

Dr. Maria Montessori

This curriculum gives Montessori teachers concrete activities to use for the continuing transformation of themselves, their children, and their classrooms on the path of peace.  It presents a year long (or lifelong) curriculum of peace work using environmental activities, music, cultural activities from Native American tradition, storytelling, and children's books, along with extensions and resources.

"Within the child lies the fate of the future." 

The Secret of Childhood


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Fall Equinox:  Harvest / Day and Night are Equal Again

Celebration of Life: We all are unique and valuable!

International Day of Peace:  We all share the same fundamental needs in different ways.

During September we meet Mr. M with his Munching Mouth and who makes Marvelous Music,

Mr. T with his Tall Teeth and who tells Tall Tales, and Mr. N with his Noisy Nose and who notices Nature's Noises. 

We dance to their music and hear their stories. 

We enjoy playing outside in the nice fall weather.


Harvest Celebration & Halloween:  harvest, cooperation, overcoming fear (having courage)

This month we meet, dance with and read stories about Mr. F with his Funny Feet and who is Farmer Fred's favorite friend,

Mr. H with his Horrible Hair and who has a Happy Heart (and he looks a bit like Frankenstein's monster) and

Mr. W with his Wonderful Wink and who wishes with Wonderful Words (and he is a good witch). 

We decorate for Halloween, dress up in costumes, read Halloween stories and make Halloween pictures.


A Gifting Out / Endings / Letting Go

Thanksgiving:  empathy, gratitude and generosity

In November we meet Miss A with her AChoo!, Mr. Z with his Zipping Zippers and Mr. B with his Beautiful Buttons. 

We learn about thankfulness and celebrate Thanksgiving!


Winter Solstice:  Rebirth / The Year is Reborn

Winter Celebrations:  gratitude and generosity, varied holidays celebrate diversity

Mr. P with his Pointy Patches and Mr. S with his Super Socks 


Fairness Day (Martin Luther King Day):  Everyone deserves to be treated equally, celebration of diversity

Mr. D with his Dazzling Dances, Mr. C with his Cool Costumes and Mr. G with his Groovey Guitar.


Quickening / The Year is Beginning to Grow Up

Friend's Month (Valentine's Day):  We can learn to be better friends.

Miss I, Mr. V, and Miss U


Spring Equinox:  Emergence / Day and Night are Balanced

Green Month (St. Patrick's Day):  We celebrate the resilience of plants returning in Spring!

Mr. J, Mr. Q, and Miss O


Earth Day:  We are responsible for caring for the earth.

During April we welcome spring and the Easter bunny. 

Mr. L, Mr. R and Mr. Y 


Growth / The Earth is Fully Awake and Everything is Blooming / Receiving Gifts

Spring Celebration:  We are part of life's wonders!

Miss E, Mr. K and Mr. X


Summer Solstice:  Fruition / The Sun Reaches its Peak and Begins to Decline


Independence Day:  We are grateful to be free.


Releasing / The Days are Growing Shorter

All Through the Year

Graduations:  We mark endings and new beginnings.

Growing Celebrations (Birthdays): Everyone grows!




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